Client Commitment

We are authentic when we say we care about our clients – business is personal.  Delivering exceptional service, with the highest of business integrity, linked to results, is the only way forward.

Experienced and Driven

We deliver insight, support, value and results.

We focus on enabling and facilitating execution.

Communication and Relationships

We build meaningful relationships and believe in full personal communication with clients.  We like to speak and engage with our clients personally.

Our own success is linked to our clients being successful.  It is how we measure our performance.

Pro-active and Committed

We bring insight, deals, commercial opportunities, regeneration ideas and exceptional people to clients when we have not been specifically engaged to do so.

We take pride in representing our clients best interests.


We will not always agree with you or share your point of view.  Thats’ OK.

We care enough to advise you when we think there might be a more effective way of achieving any given result.


We have a relationship of mutual respect and trust with our clients.  Our fees are appropriate and rarely in complete isolation of the client goal.

Many of our clients have been with the team for years.  We learn from each other that way.


We protect our independence as that enables us to go beyond party lines, self interest, office silos and turf wars to bring our clients the counsel they need to hear.

Business Integrity

We will not work on projects where we find the positioning of different stakeholders unbalanced.  Self-interest and personal agendas, if left unchecked, can be very damaging. We have a zero tolerance policy towards corruption.

Some of our work involves helping the boardroom and management team engage with business integrity as a profit driver.

Dawn is firmly of the view that businesses who operate with integrity as a cornerstone have the building blocks for sustainable commercial success (and peace of mind).  Talk to Dawn about Floodlight Business – and its Chief Ethics Officer and Business Integrity Director activities.

The legacy of our clients matters.  What they do now, counts.