Our approach

When providing services, Danetree has 5 areas of focus:

  • Independence
  • Integrity
  • Insight
  • Service
  • Communication

Danetree works best when we know the client well and have been given access to the strategic vision and objectives of our clients.  This informs our approach.

We are a part of the clients’ team – that’s how we want to feel.  That way we work in tandem with the client and their internal team and advisors on projects we are assigned.

Understanding the client is fundamental – we can’t do the job without this insight.

Our project and transaction approach, coupled with serious appreciation of personnel issues, means we focus on moving projects forward, always facilitating and focused on execution.

Setting aside personal interest and focusing on the client’s objectives is a cornerstone of how Dawn set up Danetree in 2010.

After all, business is always personal. No deal can be achieved with sustainable success (not flash and bang) unless it supports all stakeholders.