Danetree Aviation

For aviation related projects, we apply an approach asset management approach; how to maximise the available assets and develop strong commercial relationships for aerospace businesses and their revenue channels, business partners and supply chain.  We like to think we see it from the stakeholder / investors’ perspective.

We provide the full range of Danetree Services for our aviation and travel clients.

We are members of the Farnborough Aerospace Consortium (www.fac.org.uk).

Our expertise and experience supporting aviation and travel businesses (Board, Executive Team and shareholders ) extends to:

  • Fixed wing operators – Scheduled Airlines
  • MRO facilities
  • Platform integration and Obsolescence Management specialists
  • Fixed wing – Non-scheduled / charter and scheduled operators
  • Rotor Wing – Helicopter operators (including onshore/offshore Oil and Gas)
  • Private and Executive Jet owners and operators
  • Aircraft Charter Broking
  • Aircraft Leasing and Financiers
  • MedEvac and Medical Tourism
  • Component Manufacturers and Avionics
  • Fixed Base Operations (FBO’s)
  • Airport and Airfield infrastructure
  • Inflight catering, cleaning and security
  • Training, Safety, QA
  • Luxury Retail
  • Loyalty Programmes
  • Travel Agents – Corporate and Consumer
  • Tour Operators
  • Concessions – fast food, casual dining, coffee and fine dining)
  • Logistics, distribution sand warehousing
  • Manpower providers
  • Technology providers – SatComms, software, SaaS and mobile
  • Revenue Channel & Distribution Partners

Our focus is our clients stated commercial goal:

  • growth
  • creating a valuable exit
  • board independence and ethics
  • business improvement
  • joint venture negotiations
  • additional revenue streams from new services or new clients
  • shareholder or supplier relationship management,
  • inventory acquisitions (for example, purchasing a retired fleet from a Defence Force)
  • investment readiness
  • cost management (including sustainable supply chains)
  • leveraging opportunities abroad and implementing tactical steps to develop into new markets.

Led by Managing Director, Dawn Stallwood, who has worked in-house with an aviation multinational and with numerous aerospace, aviation and travel businesses, Danetree provides a hands-on, service led approach.  Dawn is driven, committed and passionate about clients achieving their desired outcome and comes alongside as a team member on projects.

Dawn is relational – people matter.  As a result, she has worked discreetly with many of her aviation clients for years.  Danetree’s involvement allows clients to feel supported and to reach for fantastic commercial opportunities with eyes wide open.

Fees are sensible and can be linked in part to success, with milestones and budgets agreed upfront.


We have the flexibility to work internationally for projects and often are on a plane to project manage the foreign elements of a deal or commercial opportunity.  We become part of the execution team, meaning the client (often the CEO or COO) does not need to dilute their effectiveness.  Dawn ensures a trusted additional pair of hands is available when you need it.

International Documents – Mobile Notary Service – CompanyNotary.com

For businesses requiring documents to be signed in the UK for use abroad, access to a mobile notary public is vital.  

Through Company Notary Limited, we can provide a mobile notary service and frequently provide notary services to clients across London and the South East, including Farnborough, Biggin Hill, Gatwick/Crawley and Heathrow/4.  

Our notary service is focused on taking the hassle away from clients and ensuring deadlines are met with minimal fuss.  

For more information, go to www.companynotary.com or telephone the office on +44 (0)203 551 5980 for more information and resources. 

Operation and Management

We support aviation, travel and leisure business in their commercial operation, including early stage as well as established companies on a growth path or making radical change in uncertain times.  We have experience in the creation, negotiation and documentation of commercial relationships both for revenue, including hotel partnerships and alliances as well as effective and supply chain – cost management.

Our negotiation and contracting service means we remain involved to assist with optimising performance of contracts and understanding contract risk.

Doing Deals: Corporate Finance and Investment Banking

We assist with deal-making, commercial negotiations, joint ventures, purchase, asset inventory acquisitions, MBO / MBI, sale or partnering discussion, corporate finance and post-transaction support and integration.

The earlier we are involved the more helpful we can be to the clients’ goal.

Supply Chain

We work with aviation businesses and their often complex supply chains, to manage negotiations, renewals, tenders and contract management.   We can also provide insight for the suppliers themselves in their relationship activities with their aviation customers.

Our focus is on creating a sustainable supply chain where both parties are supportive of each other.

Financial Performance

In difficult economic times, we support clients with aviation or travel businesses that are not performing or where radical change is required.  We look at the business and work positively to help turnaround performance, ready the asset for a sale, support joint venture or investment discussions or facilitate difficult discussions with stakeholders where banking covenants are in jeopardy.  Difficult times require sensitivity and professionalism and a lot of lateral thinking.