Danetree Healthcare & Pharma

We apply an asset management approach to the work we undertake for healthcare and pharmaceutical businesses; how to maximise the available assets and develop strong commercial relationships for pharma and healthcare businesses and their revenue channels, business partners and supply chain.  We like to think we see it from an investors’ perspective.

We provide the full range of Danetree Services for our clients.

Our expertise and experience supporting healthcare and pharma businesses (shareholders and Boards) extends to:

  • Pharmaceuticals – Branded
  • Pharmaceuticals – Generic
  • Medical Devices
  • Medical equipment
  • CRO’s
  • Clinical Trial and Diagnostics
  • Laboratories
  • Hospital and Clinic operators
  • Dental groups
  • Life Sciences and Bio-Tech
  • Healthcare Technology
  • mHealth including mobile health management tools
  • Health and AE statistical and information providers
  • Medical Tourism
  • Leisure, Spa and Wellness operators
  • Healthcare supply chain partners
  • Alternative and non-pharma medicines
  • Cold Chain logistics
  • Technology providers – software and SaaS
  • Communication, Medical Education and PR
  • Patient Groups and Associations
  • Publishing and Events providers

Our focus is our clients stated commercial goal – be that growth, creating a valuable exit, business improvement, investment readiness, cost management (including sustainable supply chains), attracting premium talent performing at their peak or developing into new markets.

We have a hands-on, results-led and discreet approach to our healthcare and pharmaceutical clients – just get the job done, well.


We have the flexibility in the Danetree team to work internationally and to align our fees in part with the success of the project.

We work with International clients on transactions, including the acquisition of healthcare and pharmaceutical businesses and leveraging into growth markets, such as India.

Our international support of clients extends to provision of a mobile notary service for UK based business – managing their documents for use overseas.  See CompanyNotary for information and resources.

Operation and Management

We support healthcare and pharmaceutical business in their commercial operation, including early stage as well as established companies on a growth path or making radical change in a heavily regulated market, in uncertain times.  We have experience in the creation, negotiation and documentation of  commercial relationships both for revenue, including partnerships and alliances as well as effective and supply chain – cost management.

Our negotiation and contracting service means we remain involved to assist with optimising performance of contracts and understanding contract risk.  We support internal legal and contracts teams where required.

Doing Deals: Corporate Finance and Investment Banking

We assist with deal-making, commercial negotiations, purchase, MBO / MBI, sale or partnering discussion, corporate finance and post-transaction support and integration.

Supply Chain

We work with pharmaceutical and healthcare businesses and their often complex supply chains, to manage negotiations, renewals, tenders and contract management.   We can also provide insight for the suppliers themselves in their relationship activities with their customers.  Our focus is on creating a sustainable supply chain where both parties are supportive of each other.

Team-Building: Human Capital

Alongside the commercial transactions and growth work we do, we sometimes engage in strategic, discreet headhunting of strategic and senior commercial positions for clients to build or strengthen teams.

No transaction, project, market entry or commercial venture is successful unless it supported by driven, passionate, sincere talented people.  People assets are a significant investment for our clients.  We support such people performing at their peak to join our clients.

Financial Performance

In difficult economic times, we support clients with assets that are not performing or where radical change is required.  We look at the business and work positively to help turnaround performance, ready the asset for a sale, support joint venture or investment discussions or facilitate difficult discussions with stakeholders.