Support for Hospitality Clients

Performance and Returns in Hospitality

We provide strategic counsel, growth and value creation, market development and discreet transaction and negotiation support for hotel, foodservice and leisure clients.

We apply an asset management approach to the work we undertake.  Our focus is performance and return and how to maximise hospitality assets.  We support the negotiation and contract management of strong commercial relationships.

We have worked with hotel and leisure investors, owners (including family offices), operators and elements of the supply chain alike.

We see it from an investors’ perspective.

We provide the full range of Danetree Services for our hospitality and travel clients.

Clients we Serve

Our expertise and experience supporting hospitality businesses and their growth, improvement or value creation (shareholders and Boards) extends to:

  • Hotels and Resorts (Budget, Business to Luxury)
  • Wellness, Leisure and Spa Assets
  • Private Clubs
  • Foodservice (QSR, fast food, coffee, casual dining and fine dining)
  • Franchise systems
  • Food and beverage
  • Medical Tourism
  • Logistics, catering, facilities management & security
  • Catering equipment and service
  • Hotel developers
  • FF&E / M&E manufacturers
  • Manpower providers
  • MICE and Events Management
  • Hotel technology, including PMS
  • Channel & Distribution Partners

Our focus is our clients stated commercial goal – be that growth, creating a valuable exit, business improvement, cost management (including sustainable supply chains), attracting premium talent performing at their peak or developing into new markets.

We deliver short term instant action plans as well as long term client support.

We have a hands-on, results-led and discreet approach to our hospitality, travel and tourism projects – just get the job done, well.


We work internationally and align our fees in part with the success of the project.  We have associates on the ground in some of the hot-spots and hospitality growth markets.

Our international support of clients extends to provision of a mobile notary service for UK based business – managing their documents for use overseas.  See CompanyNotary for information and resources.

Operation and Management

For hotel, spa and leisure businesses, we support hotel owners, financiers and investors with their selection, negotiations and commercial dealings with all of the main hotel brands and assist with performance management and ongoing relations.

Doing Deals: Corporate Finance and Transactions in Hospitality

We assist with deal-making, commercial negotiations, purchase, sale or partnering discussion and provide support in connection with post-transaction support and integration.

Supply Chain

We work with hospitality asset owners and their supply chains, to manage negotiations, renewals, tenders and contract management.  We can also provide insight for the suppliers themselves in their relationship activities with hospitality clients.  Our focus is on creating a sustainable supply chain where both parties are supportive of each other.

Brand relationships

We will guide owners and developers in choosing which partner in Hotel, Spa, Foodservice Brand they should appoint and grow with by marrying vision, goals, personality and an exchange of views through a thorough tender and past performance process.  We then negotiate the terms of franchise, management and operation.

The long-term and sustainable nature of the relationship linked to performance and the clients objectives remain the primary focus.

We work with independent hotels and growing next generation brands to develop their commercial offering, revenue channels and supply chain relationships, including supporting Asian and Asia Pacific Brands development beyond their local and regional markets.

Team-Building: Human Capital

Alongside the commercial transactions and growth work we do, we sometimes engage in strategic, discreet headhunting for our clients to fill strategic and commercial positions to build or strengthen teams,

No transaction, project, market entry or commercial venture is successful unless it supported by driven, passionate, sincere talented people.

People assets are a significant investment for our clients.  We support our clients in attracting, engaging and retaining people performance at their peak.

Financial Performance from Hospitality

In difficult economic times, we support clients with hotel assets that are not performing or where radical change is required.  We look at the business and work positively to help turnaround performance, ready the asset for a sale, support joint venture or investment discussions or facilitate difficult discussions with banks or financiers where banking covenants are in jeopardy.