Led by Dawn Stallwood,  Managing Director

A corporate commercial lawyer by training.  Commercially minded, people focused and project driven.  Helping people and business to be the best version of themselves in any project, opportunity or task is Dawn’s primary focus.  Business Integrity is not a soundbite, but a business imperative.

Getting from A to B and successful completion of commercial projects and transactions requires solid expertise, focus, empathy/experience, a shared understanding of the business objective, communication and the same energy and commitment from all involved to get it done.

Danetree is flexible and are focused on results beyond closing the transaction or project. We call it sustainable business.  We support and facilitate.  We work on corporate transactions and market development, for the long-term.

We are not in the business of boasting about our achievements or qualifications, which is why you will not find much detail here.  At Danetree, we only take on projects where we know we have the experience, reach and passion to deliver.