Strategic Counsel

In providing Strategic Counsel services, we work closely with investors, CEO’s and their management team as a discreet and committed support, with a focus on execution and achieving results.  Increasingly, companies are expected to deliver shareholder return and growth whilst managing stakeholder relationship and upholding business integrity, ethics, fair dealing and corporate governance as performance pillars.

We use our combined team business experience to deliver insight, solutions and support to a problem or opportunity.  Whilst for a client this might be their first experience of a particular matter, for the Danetree, we are likely to have some experience we can leverage to the clients advantage.

When undertaking assignments with clients, we focus on understanding the commercial drivers and appreciating the organisational, people, supplier and market complexities.

We tackle problems and realise opportunities for client profit.

Activities Comprise:

  • Discreet Founder or Board Level support, including independent director support.
  • Chairperson function to support Boards in transition or being refocused.
  • Boardroom ethics, conflicts of interest, directors duties and corporate governance through
  • Joint Venture relationships including partner engagement
  • Deal and Transaction Support.  From early engagement to facilitating successful closing, and transition and integration activities post Closing.
  • Development, appraisal and supporting the execution of commercial and market strategy.
  • Change and stakeholder management.
  • Business turnaround.
  • Growth work – organic and inorganic global growth / buy and build.
  • Owner Managed business: MBO, MBI, founder succession, exit and retirement strategy.
  • Business Goal achievement – Getting from A to B.
  • Getting clients ready and organised for market opportunities or challenges.
  • Investor and market development partner preparation.  Business plan appraisal.
  • Family Managed Business – support for family business, next generation transition, capital preservation, monitoring and mentoring and future proofing.
  • Enablement – growth.  From strategy through to execution, creation of new opportunities with ‘fresh’ eyes, monetarisation and business model conversion to contractual issues.