International Market Development

If you have an international business ambition or need, Danetree can support you to get there.   We have clients and experience in UK, EU, Scandinavia, USA, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Australia, Turkey, Middle East, China, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Few businesses are not impacted by foreign markets, whether customer base or supply chain.  The opportunities for cross border trade, investment, acquisition, business model growth, disposal and partnering are considerable.

We advise on strategy, growth, investment and the implementation steps to take to enter a market or build international relationships.

European businesses on an exit or investment path may well find that their strategic purchaser or investor is based in a growth market where we have strong connections.

We can help bring cross-border M&A to the SME and mid-sized corporates as well as for the Private Equity/VC backed and multinational companies.

We have heavily invested over past 8 years in our networks in our clients’ markets, in order to support clients manage risks and opportunities presented by globalisation.   For clients this means a true support structure and business development platform.

Often the opportunity is best achieved by a corporate transaction or partnering with a local company.  Acquisition, external investment merger, joint venture or franchise.  We assist by identifying potential targets and partners in the sectors we have experience in, bridge the discussions and build the business case for collaboration or the transaction.

For non-European companies, we can support them in building revenue and supplier relationships into European markets.  We also work on discreet acquisitions and investments.

We help to facilitate and execute the commercial aspects of market entry for the mid-term, not just entering the market.

No project is the same as the next so we tailor the approach once we know what clients are seeking to achieve.  We do not provide Market Development support to a client unless we really understand the clients’ business, plans and people.