Negotiation and Contracting

Clients need balanced and focused negotiation support and a commercial approach to contract management.  We offer both services.

Negotiation Service

We use our negotiation service to help plan and achieve balanced success in commercial negotiation linked to clear business goals or overall strategy.

Rather than having a full time resource, outsourcing to a law-firm or over-extending your internal legal or contracts team, we work on a project basis to help get the job done.

Why Negotiate?

We work on understanding the desired outcomes, business needs and drivers, from both sides.  This is fundamental for many of the long-term supply contracts and commercial relationships we are involved in shaping and securing.

Many of our clients have investment or exit plans where showing a diversified client-base, market penetration (domestic and international) and well-run supply chain is important to achieving their valuation or eventual return on investment.

Sustainable Relationships

We engage in understanding both parties’ perspectives.  Both sides need to feel they have a profitable contract worth supporting which broadly meets their business plans and a working relationship they do not want to lose.

Acting with integrity is a hallmark of Dawn’s approach to negotiation and drives how Danetree operates.

Follow up

We can take on board sector specifics and also document the commercial terms or liaise and work with your lawyers on this aspect.

We understand the cultural differences of doing business deals internationally.  We have this covered with our market and cross-cultural specialists.

Fee Structure – Results Driven

Our fee structure can be linked in part to the successful negotiation of the contract (i.e. retainer plus successful award of a contract through a tender exercise, M&A transaction or securing supply chain savings).

We share in the risk.  We support the success of our clients.

Team Effort

Our service is about supporting teams and mentoring our clients’ personnel ‘on the job’ and is results focused.

We provide negotiation mentoring and development programmes for commercial and procurement professionals.  We are so convinced by what we do that we will link our fees to your team driving negotiation success for their employer.  For more information, see our negotiation resources.

Contract Management

We have experience in all aspects of contract management, whether revenue, market development, partnerships or supply chain related, across our broad range of sector Experience.


  • Pre-contract – Heads of Terms, Term-sheet, MoU, Letters of Intent
  • Contract review and negotiation
  • Contract relationship development and performance management
  • Procurement and Supply chain
  • Bid, Tender & Proposal support
  • Project Management (profit and execution risk assessment) and Liaison
  • Market entry – distribution and revenue channels
  • Franchising – area / master franchisee development, sale and negotiated exit
  • Joint Ventures and alliances – formation and relationship management
  • Joint Ventures and alliances – termination through negotiation
  • Subcontracting – back to back arrangements
  • Contract creation to support new business and revenue models.
  • Training and Developing to support the Contract Management function
  • Business Integrity – Workshops, Governance, Boardroom Strategy