Transaction Support

We provide full support to transactions, whether domestic or cross-border.

We can work with your retained professionals where desirable to give you a full capability and support, during an often stressful time.  You will find our team to be discreet and professional and committed to securing the transaction.

We take the pressure off you.  Your focus still has to be the day to day.

We will work with you as early as possible on an exit path, to get the business into robust position, including managing those likely due diligence concerns, before it becomes a transaction problem.

We help structure the deal specifics, not just based on numbers, but what works in the mid to long term for the parties involved.

Deal activity is increasingly cross-border.  We work on all types of transactions, but particularly those involving UK, France, Germany, Scandinavia, Australia and US with growth markets such as India, South Asia, Turkey and Asia Pacific.

We will help you identify and appraise acquirers and investors against your specified objectives and goals, both personal and commercial.  It’s rarely solely about the consideration payable, other factors influence whether a deal partner is a good choice.

We work from the heads of terms stage, due diligence through to the main negotiations for the transaction documentation.   We liaise with the clients external law firms and other advisors and facilitate the project and implementation steps being achieved.  We remain part of the transaction team as client activity transitions in to integration, synergy realisation and operational matters.

With keen interest in business succession and market development, we have experience in negotiations on leveraged managed buy-outs and succession.

For family businesses, we work on divestment, investment and partnering plans activities. We focus on maintaining the family reputation and business values whilst helping the family realise their hard work or develop their business further with external investors or partners.

We work with PLC’s and VC’s helping them acquire private companies and stakes in international businesses.  For VC’s we also support their divestment activities within their portfolio.